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This site  provides a listing for Custom Picture Framing shops, Craft stores and Art galleries in the United States.  Listing is free for merchants.  There is a charge for vendors.

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And CANADA.  To find picture framing suppliers and Vendors go here.

Custom Picture Framing continues to be a required service for finer homes and offices.  Artist, consumers and businesses can use this directory to find a frame shop or art gallery. Each store submitted is listed whether it be a discount framer, chain store, or neighborhood picture framer or art gallery.  Listings are by state.
United States:   Alabama  Alaska  Arizona  Arkansas  California   Colorado  Connecticut   Delaware Florida  Georgia  Hawaii  Idaho  Illinois  Indiana  Iowa  Kentucky   Louisiana    Maine  Michigan  Maryland  Massachusetts  Minnesota  Mississippi  Missouri  Montana  Nebraska   Nevada New Hampshire  New Mexico  New Jersey   New York  North Carolina  North Dakota   Ohio   Oklahoma Oregon  Pennsylvania   Rhode Island  South Carolina  South Dakota   Tennessee  Texas  Utah   Vermont  Virginia   Washington  West Virginia   Wisconsin  Wyoming  and the District of Columbia  Washington D.C.  The current state listings will be modified as Picture Framing Stores & Art Galleries are submitted.

A page for CANADA is available to list your business.

A list of Picture Framing Distributors Suppliers & Vendors is here: Vendors.

Due to requests we have added a page for Art and Picture Frame Restorers.

email us to add your store to the directory.

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Refer to Vendors for a list of suppliers used by most Picture Framing operations.  Included are major vendors as Larson-Juhl, Nurre, Omega & Roma.

According to the PPFA, in 1998 there were 17,299 custom frame retailers in the United States that generated $2.6 billion in custom framing sales.

Warren Buffett, the great investor of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., has purchased a museum quality picture frame supplier (Larson-Juhl) recently forecasting to the world that this is a thriving industry.  People benefit from picture framing every day whether it is at their home, at an office, museums, public buildings and government offices. Most people have something to frame at some time.  In many homes, offices, galleries and museums framing fine art, collectibles, giclees, serigraphs, silkscreens, lithographs, maps, needlework,  photography, prints, posters and children's art is a reoccurring event.  Picture framing enhances the aesthetic features of art and collectibles.  Whether the medium of the original art is acrylic, mixed-media, oil, pen, pastel, pencil, crayon or watercolor, the frame adds to the values of the art.  Do you have something to frame today?  If so, this directory may help you find a suitable picture framing service.

Incidently, a picture is defined as: A visual representation, illustration or image painted, drawn, photographed, or otherwise rendered on a flat surface.  

Synonyms are:       account, art, blueprint, canvas, cartoon, copy, delineation, depiction, description, doodle, double, draft, drawing, duplicate, effigy, engraving, figure, icon, image, impression, likeness, look-alike, outline, painting, panorama, photo, photograph, piece, portrait, portraiture, portrayal, presentment, print, re-creation, replica, report, representation, ringer, similitude, simulacrum, sketch, spectacle, spitting image, statue, tableau, twin
Source:       Roget's New Millenniumô Thesaurus, First Edition (v 1.1.1)

Framing is described:   To enclose in or as if in a frame: frame a painting.

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